In our team, we have a presence of a large number of trained and experienced project managers. Our experience spanned over four decades has helped us to go through hundreds of iterations of processes for every specific operation.

This has matured our processes to a great extent. Our project managers know exactly what to do and what not to do in a variety of project scenarios. This gives our clients multiple advantages in terms of:

  • time and cost saving
  • quality assurance
  • planning their projects predictably

We ensure that every project is planned and documented which helps in effective contingency management.

We are the official contractors appointed by NetLink who provide and manage an open passive high quality fibre grid services for Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (“Next Gen NBN”).  We facilitate NetLink Trust Certification for Fibre Readiness for the developer and owner.

As a contractor, we provide consultation and service to liaise with Netlink.  We ensure that there is no significant wiring change on the optical fibre cable, including the associated fibre interface and termination points. This way we achieve tremendous cost and time savings for developers and owners.

We work closely as a registered contractor with leading TELCOS such as SingTel to set up the last mile telephone and internet infrastructure reaching residential and industrial properties. We are experienced in following stringent guidelines set up by IDA Singapore.