Laying the Pipeline with precision amounts to the constructing the most crucial backbone of any Telecom Infrastructure project. This task requires both expertise and efficiency since time is of essence in such projects.

At Soon Yong, we have a long history of performing this kind of work with precision since our inception. Till date, we have successfully laid down 5,000 kilometres of telecom pipeline.

Precast manholes have emerged as an important component for rapid building of telecom infrastructure.

Apart from ease of maintenance and manoeuvrability they have many other advantages that contribute to the speedy and quality execution of urban infrastructure projects. Here are a few distinct advantages offered by precast manholes.

  • Rapid conclusion of construction projects
  • Significant cost savings
  • Ability to take intricate non-standard forms and shapes.
  • Usage of Top-quality concrete needs to be used for building precast manholes
  • They can be installed in difficult terrains
  • Excellent solution when it is difficult to ferry construction material
  • Heights of precast manholes can be adjusted in future resurfacing jobs
  • Rapid speed of construction is beneficial when the projects are in busy, water-logged or soft foundation areas.

At Soon Yong, we have successfully laid down thousands of cast-in-situ manholes over the years.

Rehabilitating existing manholes is a critical job that needs to be performed with the utmost care and caution. The main advantage of this process is that it saves time, costs and efforts involved in changing it entirely.

At Soon Yong, we undertake the following types of reconstruction projects:

  • Demolish the entire manhole and rebuild new ones
  • Reconstruct part of the manhole wall.
  • Extension of manhole size.

Our teams have the expertise to perform careful demolition especially when we take up Manhole reconstruction jobs. Till date, we have undertaken of a few thousand manhole reconstruction jobs for leading Telecom companies in Singapore.

The biggest challenge faced by TELCOs is preventive maintenance. It is important to avoid damages to underground cables while conducting repair operations.

At Soon Yong we are known to possess a unique combination of earthworks skills as well as cabling expertise. Some of the skills possessed by our team are as follows:

  • Working in existing manhole to test the Pipeline for continuity
  • Tracking existing routing and pinpoint the actual blockage of the pipeline system.
  • Maintenance of underground pipes, trenches and overhead systems
  • Maintenance of Joints, terminates and copper and fibre optic cables

Our teams completed many mission-critical projects by repairing existing telecom cables and pipes.  We are known to restore telecommunication cables and pipeline system without incurring any service disruptions.

We are one of the few contractors in Singapore who has a qualified team of licensed telecommunication cable detection technicians.

We work closely with civic authorities and help them to detect live underground telecommunication cables. This is an important task to be concluded before they commence earthworks like excavation, levelling, piling, dredging, boring, tunnelling, etc.

Pulling and Termination of cables requires reliable skills. The success of this operation affects the efficiency and productivity of the entire network. At Soon Yong, our skilled teams have been performing these mission-critical jobs for Singapore’s leading telecom companies.


Before any pulling project starts, we spend adequate time on meticulous planning and come up with required drawings and documentation. This is the first step to ensuring success. During the planning phase, we take into consideration factors such as terrain, tricky bends and turns to devise strategies to counter them. Our experienced project managers then come up with an execution plan.

It requires expertise to pull Telecom cables in different ways – top/down, bottom/up or horizontally. At Soon Yong, we use specified equipment, speciality lubricants and experienced operators to undertake cable pulling assignments. Our teams are in constant touch with each other during the operation. This ensures continuous coordination to achieve precision and avoid rework.


Just like pulling, we also come up with an action plan for cable termination operation. Such a plan improves the quality of a termination job. Thorough planning also helps us to reduce the execution time.

Cable termination assignments entail proper arrangement of cables as per the desired destination and forming. We also take care of dressing cables and labelling. At Soon Yong, our teams know how to make expertly the final connection with copper or fibre conductors. When it comes to optical fibre cores, we take special care in precisely aligning them with the designated hardware. This way, we help our clients to attain optimum data transfer rates.

Road maintenance and road reconstruction pose challenges to telecom manholes. Same is the case when new real estate projects are developed. In these circumstances, telecom manholes get submerged or supressed. At Soon Yong, we have the expertise to detect such buried manholes and raise them. This is important for Telecom operators to get unhindered access to restore and maintain their pipes and cables.

The ground level can be adversely affected by various environmental and man-made factors. When the land level sinks, it is essential to lower the Telecom Manholes. When the ground level goes down, telecom manholes get exposed, causing danger to motorists and passers-by. At Soon Yong, our teams know how to flush the manholes to the new ground level making them safe for everyone.

We are also well known to locate missing manholes efficiently. This knowledge is built through years of experience in the field.

We work closely with developers and civil contractors who need our diversion services. We help them to execute diversion of existing services on a development site, so that comply with regulations before commencing construction works.

Our specialities:

  • We know how to minimise interruptions in the construction process
  • We follow the best practices in every operation
  • We avoid damages to service pipes and save heavy fines to clients
  • We judiciously use manual and machine excavations to minimize cable damages
  • We have a proven system to label and mark all detected cable and gas pipe locations. We maintained these markings consistently.
  • We dig trial holes to ensure we are disturbing any underground electricity cables or gas pipes
  • We ensure soil control with shoring and shuttering  and avoid any undesired soil movement

Diversion works are both art and science. At Soon Yong, our teams have mastered them.